A lawyer specialising in elder law has many responsibilities. What are some of them?

Most law focuses on one discipline, and elder law attorneys focus on one type. As an elder law attorney, you can help ageing Americans navigate the legal complexities that arise as they age due to their age by elder law attorneys. Legal assistance and counsel can be provided to older Americans on topics like preparing for long-term care, choosing retirement plans, arranging your estate, and many others.

A Brief History of Elder Law

As a result of Congress’ decision, the OAA was created to ensure older Americans have access to critical services that will enable elder law attorneys to remain healthy and independent as long as possible. By establishing the Administration on Aging, the federal government can provide supportive services to anyone older than 60 by distributing funds to states.

Congress established the OAA because it believed Americans should have access to adequate income after retirement to maintain their dignity. As well as affordable housing and employment opportunities, seniors can access long-term and institutional care services and services aimed at keeping them independent as long as possible for as long as possible.

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Additionally, the OAA led to the development of legal services at the state and local levels for senior citizens, ultimately leading to the development of elder law. In 1978, the American Bar Association established the Commission on Law and Aging in response to the growing need for legal aid and research for senior citizens.

The younger population has increased over the years, and so have non-profit organisations and state legal associations dedicated to serving these older individuals’ needs. Likewise, law schools took notice, and in 1985, the Association of American Law Schools established a section devoted to elder law as part of its curriculum. Today, law schools offer elder law courses in all 50 states.

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help?

In our lifetimes, we are very likely to require the assistance of an attorney at some point. As we age and begin planning for retirement and, eventually, death, it is important to seek advice from an elder law attorney. Elder law attorneys specialise in several areas that directly affect seniors.

Plan your estate

Whatever your financial situation, estate planning can be overwhelming and difficult, regardless of whether you own a modest house and a modest bank account or a lucrative business and a long list of assets. It would be best if you organised your affairs as you age, especially with your business. Sadly, we will all die one day, and estate planning can help us control what happens to our assets when that day arrives.

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