How to Eat and to Run Verification Toto Site Operates

The Eat and Run verification service is a free resource intended to provide information on how to verify your website. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of how Eat and Run Verification operates and what makes the service unique. This is the first in a series of Eat and Run Verification posts.

The concept behind 먹튀검증 is simple: we take free pictures of culinary companies and restaurants, insert text on each page, linking back to your website. Then we post the images so you can use them on your website as a form of verification.

Website Owners can upload their restaurant or eatery’s site directly to the service. Once there, they add the image verification code onto their site. Many people use this verification as an advertisement, putting their Eat and Run verified site at the top of search results. But there are also instances where people want to verify that their site was taken for more legitimate reasons.

This is especially true for sites in other languages. While many people take the time to translate their websites into English, there are still some that do not. For those companies, it is challenging to ask someone outside of the company to translate any content and then put it on their website. With Eat and Run, the owners upload their site to the service and then have their Eat and Run Verification image link appear on their site.

Eat and Run Verification has a growing base of users that have been verified as having their sites adequately imported into the system. This allows Eat and Run to have more control over what is uploaded, eliminating inappropriate images, like adult content, or any situation where an image is not on the correct domain.

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